Sculptures By The Lakes

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Let’s take you on a journey through nature, tranquility and beauty, to somewhere not to far from my home. To a little village called Pallington near Dorchester in Dorset, that houses some breathtaking sculptures. Sculptures by the Lakes is an oasis of all things in nature and how they should be. 

20200627_1038471904249560309610845.jpgWith an Alice in Wonderland vibe, hidden nooks and crannies to explore, seating areas overlooking the lakes and artwork and the song birds singing, this place is fantastic. It’s somewhere to take in the surrounds, get lost in the sculptures and to calm all your senses. 

Sculptor Simon Gudgeon and his wife Monique created this little space of tranquility for art lovers and collecters alike. With over 30 pieces of Simon’s work dotted around the lakes and in the onsite Studio your be amazed at what this man can do. You can also see why the Dorset Arts Festival will be held here.


The meaning behind each piece can be reflected in so many different ways by different individuals and I think that is what makes this place special. You can get out of it what you perceive of it.

Throughout the place your find four hide outs which you can hire for the day. There is The Retreat, The Pavillion, The Island and The River Keeper’s Hut. All four harbour a different view, price and amount of people. It would be perfect for an anniversary, wedding venue, picnic or family get together. 


An onsite cafe offers drinks, hot and cold food and a tailored picnic if hiring one of the above. 


As I attended on a not so great day of the year, I will be visiting this place again and ensuring that I find all the sculptures I missed on this visit. I recommend walking around the site slowly taking in each piece of art, explore all the hidden places, get a drink and sit by the lake like I did. Just watch the world go by while you gaze across the water listening to the beautiful sounds of nature. 



Please note that I visited as Covid 19 lockdown restricts were being lifted and social distance still in place. Due to this booking online before attending the venue was in place, but this could of changed depending on when you are reading this. Please check their website below for any current information.

Price £12.50 // No Under 14s // No Dogs // Open:Wed to Sun – 10am to 5pm // Where: Pallington, Dorchester, Dorset DT2 8QU // Website:


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